February 2018

Monroe County To Raise Road Elevation On Key Largo For Almost One Million Bucks.

January 2018

Senate Bill 1400 Advances in Senate Committee Moving Closer To Statewide Regulatory Control Over Vacation Rentals Versus Local Government Regulation

Possible transfer of Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection taking over issuance of federal wetland dredge and fill permits is in the works

South Florida Real Estate Jobs and Sales Market is Hotter Than The Rest of The Country

Comprehensive Article on SB1400 Vacation Rental Law Bill by FloridaWatchdog.org

Florida Politics – Lawmakers seek to remedy “patchwork” of vacation rental laws

WLRN  The Fight Over Vacation Rental Regulations Continues

November 2017

Retiring Town manager of Longboat Key Warns of Future Conflict Between Local Governments For Beach Re-nourishment Sand

Town of Hillsboro Beach Continues Legal Battle Against City of Deerfield Beach For Allegedly Depriving It of Its Natural Flow of Sand

Gulf County Struggles With High Cost of Beach Restoration

Florida Sill Leads the U.S. in Residential Real Estate Purchased by Foreign Buyers

Richard Florida Gives an Interview on the Downside of Urban Revival

South Miami Reconsiders Proposed Redevelopment a the Sunset Place


October 2017

Miami Voters Approve “Miami Forever” Funding For Sea Level Rise Projects and Affordable Housing

Florida Legislature Renews Focus on Affordable Housing Funding Amid First Wave of Hurricane Irma Refugees from Puerto Rico

Sarasota Senator Proposes State Law Pre-Emption of Local Government Tree Regulation Ordinances

Florida Chamber of Commerce Supports Septic Tank Conversions To Sewer For Improving Water Quality


2016 Florida Infrastructure Report Card