Sorell Negro

Sorell Negro

Sorell Negro advises clients on land use, environmental, and real property matters. Her litigation experience spans U.S. federal and state courts and includes natural resources disputes, land use and development claims, takings, Fair Housing Act disputes, and claims arising under state, international, and federal environmental laws. Ms. Negro also has experience defending class action lawsuits arising under environmental laws. She provides proactive counsel to clients on how best to develop an administrative record that can withstand challenge and litigation, and she handles land use appeals pertaining to development permits. Ms. Negro routinely advises on legislation, ordinances, regulations, and proposed laws pertaining to land use, development, natural resources, conservation, endangered species, and environmental protection and management. She also reviews and analyzes proposed development plans and provides counsel on compliance with development regulations and environmental laws. In addition, Ms. Negro advises offshore clients on land use regulations, permitting and development, sustainable development, and coastal development issues. Read her full bio here.

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Facing Increased Beach Erosion, Florida Looks Internationally for Sand

Florida, like other coastal states, faces the continual challenge of how to maintain beaches in the face of increased erosion, exacerbated by sea level rise, severe storm events, and certain coastal developments. Earlier this year, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers completed a $11.5 million dollar project to restore beaches in Florida including widening Miami … Continue Reading

New Vacation Rental Regulations Coming to Miami-Dade

Miami-Dade County recently passed a new ordinance targeting vacation rentals, which would affect hundreds of active short-term rental properties including those listed on the popular websites AirBnB, HomeAway, and VRBO. This ordinance comes on the heels of several months of sparring between the City of Miami and AirBnB. Earlier this year, AirBnB sued the City … Continue Reading

Zoning for Residences with Disabilities: Old Principles Apply to New Scenarios as the Opioid Epidemic Spreads

Florida, like much of the U.S., is struggling with a mounting opioid epidemic. Governor Rick Scott recently declared the epidemic a public health emergency in Florida. A study by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement/Florida Medical Examiners states that the number of deaths in the state directly caused by opioid use in 2015 numbered 2,538. … Continue Reading